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Tel Aviv:
A Purim Judaica exhibition with a smile

by Judith Reifen-Ronen

At the beautiful modern entrance to The Brodt Center, which houses The Institute for Jewish Culture and The Tel-Aviv Cantorial Institute (TACI), one encounters the Purim Judaica exhibition curated by Menachem Deutsch.

Although modest in size, the collection contains a variety of important artifacts from the 17th to the 21st century. Rare pieces by Rembrandt, Kolnik, Budko, Gutman, Picard, Samuel, have all been carefully chosen from The Deutsch Collection. The curator succeeds in presenting intelligently and harmoniously famous artists, unknown ones and artisans along side each other. A 19th century Purim King’s Scroll by an unknown artist sits comfortably beside an exquisite 21st century Silver Mask by Maurizio Samuel.

The children’s section is humorous and colorful. The Chasid with the bottle of wine on his head plays the guitar. Surrounding him, a collection of Purim rattles including an elegant silver rattle from North Africa, and Kleizmer silver figures. Needless to say, it draws the attention of young and old alike.

At every turn the curator’s choices continue to surprise, intrigue, amuse and inform the viewer.

In his own words, Menachem Deutsch believes that: "The beauty of Judaica is that it expresses Jewish art, culture, traditions and the Jewish way of life". At only 22, this gifted young man shows an intelligence and sensitivity beyond his years. One looks forward to his next project with great anticipation.

Menachem Deutsch, descendent to the modern orthodox Deutsch family, has shown genuine interest in Judaica and the arts since a very young age. His special relationship with his grandmother, Ayala (Helga) Deutsch, a leading expert as well as curator in Judaism and Judaica, granted him the opportunity of excellence in guidance, perceptiveness and knowledge.

After concluding his army service with a combat unit, Deutsch commenced his studies at Ma’ale School of Television, Film and the Arts, Jerusalem and at The Tel-Aviv Cantorial Institute directed by Naftali Herstik. 06-03-07


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