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Kolben Dance Group:

The eternal desire for change was the departure point for the new choreography of Amir Kolben to the music of Antonio Vivaldi. An inspiring combination of music from the 18th century with contemporary dance, the new creation of The Four Seasons is performed by The Israel Camerata Jerusalem and Kolben Dance Company.

The four seasons are presumably four well-defined periods of the year, following one another in an eternal cycle.

However, the summer heat always sneaks into springtime, and the beautiful blossoming predicts the withering away of the plants and the burning hot yellow fields.

This version of The Four Seasons deals with change, with the constant shift between well-defined situations. This piece is inspired by the ever-changing nature, looking at mankind as being just a small part of it.

The piece deals with the unpredictable transitions between chaos and order and the difficulty to certainly discern between truths and lies that everyone hides inside.

The stable certainty of the summer heat is shuddered in this piece and replaced by a look from an unexpected angle at the classical music- The Four Seasons.

Next Perfomances:
05/02/2007, 21.00, Tel Aviv, Suzann Dellal Center, Tickets: 03-5105656
18/03/2007, 21.00, Tel Aviv, Suzann Dellal Center, Tickets: 03-5105656
27/03/2007, 20.30, Jerusalem, Merkas Shimshon

Founded in 1995, Kolben Dance Company uses and explores contemporary dance, that is well known for its' athletic physicality, complex partnering, and theatricality.

The company incorporates in its' performances several different art forms and media, such as dance and theater, live and recorded music, large screen video projections and computer animations.

For almost ten years now the company's ability to move and excite audiences and stimulate communities has led to return engagements and international touring to festivals in four continents.

Educational and community outreach activities and performances are an integral part of the Kolben Dance Company experience.

More about the Kolben Dance Group: 24-01-07


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