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Israel 1948

Born in Prague 1921. Since childhood he was interested in photography, but the German oecu-pation of Czechoslovakia made it impossible for him to study at the university. After the end of the war and his return from a camp of forced labour, he was devoted to pictorial journalism for both the Czechoslovak and foreign press. He published two books, one about Prague and the other about Eng-land. After the communist coup in 1948, he was not allowed to work in his profession in Czecho-slovakia. In 1950, in a fabricated trial, he was sen-tenced to ten years in prison. After his release, he returned to photography and took part in Publishing a number of books for Czechoslovak and for-eign publishers. His most famous work about the events in August 1968 is "Comrade Aggressor". Jindrich Marco lives and works in Prague.

In the summer of 1948, I took pictures for the Czechoslovak and American press in the newly constituted State of Israel. I was more interested in the life of common people than in official events. Their fate was often dramatic, and their courage and faith in the future, after their losses in the Second World War, were admirable.
Pictures in this publication are now historical. The majority of them are being first published 43 years after the events oecured. I want to believe that interest in them and the force of their testimony has not been diminished by time.

The port of Haifa,
arrival of an immigration ship from Europe

Haifa, processing personal papers in the port

Haifa, immigrants leaving the ship

Haifa, port waiting-room for mothers with children

Haifa, refugees from Eastern Europe

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Jindrich Marco: Israel 1948
Just New Books - ISBN 80-85338-01-7


[HAIFA in Herzl Altneuland]


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